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The Gloob
Children's Stories
Sounding Board
The Cats
The Dogs
The Classics
Peter Eaton Stories 
The Rabbit Who Wanted to Fly
Jan Luthman Stories 
Jonathan, the Fastest Snail
Millie, The Harvest Mouse
Catherine Holden Stories 
Floppit & Burridge
Margaret Tolan Stories 
The Tale of Georgy
Georgy's Makeover
L. K. Lewis Stories 
Dobson and Friends
Angela Lucas Stories 
The Mouse and the Cucumber
Helen Rawlinson  Stories 
Two Guinea Pigs
Cousin Barney Comes to Stay
Artie Knapp Stories 
Sprinting Spencer
The Wasp And The Canary
The Hummingbird Who Chewed Bubblegum
The Lazy Loppin Goat
The Rooster That Wouldn't Crow
Bipper And Wick
The Sweet Smelling Skunk
The Shell Shocked Turtle
There's A Crocodile In Our Pickle Jar
No More Car Wash Blues
The Turkey And The Pumpkin
Alligator Alley
Joe Demonte Stories 
Amy's Magic Christmas
John Swan Stories 
Collie Tales
Erwin Schalm Stories 
The Beaver Lodge
Billy's Wedding
Baby Annie
Birthday Presents
Patty Juliano Stories 
Jack Wittels Stories