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Chris – My Mentor

Denise Hayward

He is on a new-found journey now
This time beyond all reach
No touch or sound is close at hand
For the ones he loved, to seek.

His Spirit has transcended
High above life’s plane
Has become immersed in the cosmos
For eternity to remain.
His Soul is out there watching
Over all those he held dear
And as they voyage through their lives
His presence will ever be near.

Normal life must assume a new mantle
For those now left here to lament
The dark days are only beginning
For with him so much happiness went.
In time the raw grief will diminish
Allowing loved ones to fondly recall
Of days when their ‘normal’ was normal
When he was here at the heart of it all.

To have known him was a real honour
So much can be called back to mind
But all with the greatest affection
He was truly, one of a kind.

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