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I'm a Luddite - me!

Elizabeth Grant

Mobile phones, satellite tracking & DVDs,
Sparkly giants dance on plasma TVs,
Music, music anywhere and everywhere.
I'll never swap my Sony
For it stops me feeling lonely.

Cybertronics, so so clever bionics,
Nano whatsits, nanotech, nanobots.
More and more - never ending
More of them and less of you.
We're promised a world of grey goo!

Tumbling towers holding hands to heaven.
One nation indivisible.
High tech, targeted war in a night-sight.
Enemies forever visible.
Limbs in a bag - concern in a fag.

Splitting and spitting the atoms.
Splicing blue genes -
Miracles of the Man-god.
Genetically modified - a maizing!
No, no, just give me green peace
Not a Dolly fleece.

Save the lesser spotted purple dotted
Last of its kind!
You know if it were gone you would
      definitely mind.
I'll march, petition and shout.
I shan't be left behind in the race to yell
      and pout.
Never mind the odds
Let's get the greedy sods!

Water, water everywhere but what
      about the air?
Some fool on the only hill cries
"Fear not! Technology and science will save us."
I'm  a Luddite me - almost.
We can only save ourselves from the cutting edge of progress.

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