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G.  Wesley Dixon

Where Lord are you in your omnipresence?

Were you there as the building lost its essence?

Can we sing "God Bless America" and know, see

That you will listen, bless, and be?

Where Lord are you in your omniscience?

Your mind so wise and your vision contribution,

Did you not want to prevent that which you knew

And only waited to see what we would view?

Where Lord are you in your omnipotence?

Were you suddenly chained by circumstance?

Is your Holy Spirit not calling out just now

For people to listen, to repent, and to bow?

We cling by faith to you no matter the day.

We pray for you to bless our country alway.

We seek your face together and pray

That you might receive glory, honor, and praise.

All you who pass by and wonder the event.

Think not it was simply an accident.

No, God is going to bring good out of this evil,

And man can learn to then be civil.

If not, then we are doomed to die

In pain, sorrow, and live a lie.

Evil has its own consequence

All who pass by, there is recompense.

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