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J Henry Foster

Henrietta the Hen was most put out,

She cackled and clucked all day.

“Whatever's the trouble?”, asked Arnold the Cock

“Whatever's upset you this way?”.

“Someone keeps stealing my eggs”, she said

“As fast as I lay them- they go!”

“Its not fair on a bird-its so absurd

The point is-it concerns me so”

“That’s strange”, said the Duck

“I wasn’t concerned

Until I decided to nest;

I lay nine eggs beside the pond

But they went-and I did do my best”

“Perhaps we should speak to Bertie the Bull”

Said the Hen

“He’s wise and surely will know

After all our hard work, and daily sits

I’m sure it’s the best place to go”.

“Ah Ah”, said the Bull, between mouthfuls of hay.

“Now that could be one of three things

Could be Freddy the Fox or Rodger the Rat

Or a black and white poacher-with wings!”

“Oooooooo!!! “said the Duck.”O’No”, said the Hen

“You don’t mean Maggie, the Magpie?”

“I do indeed”, said Bertie the Bull.

“O'dear”, they said, with a sigh.

“Now it could be the farmer

After all he’s the boss

And without him we would not be here.

He feeds us, and cleans us, and wards off the Fox

So let us be of good cheer”

“That’s alright for you”-said Henrietta the Hen:

“But you do nothing all day,

Just stand and chew grass, and play with those cows

Whilst we have to do all the lay”

“O'dear”, said the Bull. “You are not very wise

To sacrifice just a few eggs.

I know it seems sad, but you will be glad

When the tax man calls for his dregs”

“Your little subscription bears no description

To what I shall have to make

For before its too late-I'll be a steak

Served up with your eggs on a plate!”

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