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Fadi Ayoub

Angles 'r floating, bricks 'r screaming, trees 'r crying; stop the pain

Sweet dreams penetrated by nightmares, and yet to fall asleep

Nights became days, and days seem like nights---tragedies and sadness became the norm

Pretentious, pompous, arrogance, and sadness we weave; yet hope we weep and mourn

Six years, in harmony, we lived together, and six in agony, I am ready to live alone

Anguish, angst, distress, and in pain; that's easily tolerated, yet separation is hard to bear

Happy feelings, joy and celebration; when the thought of you scouts my brain

Rush is felt, shiver, quiver, and vibrations ran like a cutting sword through my bones

Jolt is felt, nervousness, anxiety, and tenseness; burning sensation felt like blood spouting through a vein

Awesome feelings I long and grieve for, the feeling of your whispers on the phone

Every night I close my eyes and dream,

That one-day you too will close your eyes and feel

My heart beats for you, and your love is all he needs

So darling, close your eyes and whisper my name in the dark,

You will find me there taking your hands and to never let go again.

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