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What To Do?
Fadi Ayoub

Shall I thank the heavens or shall I curse the fate
For the love I possess for you, but yet want to hate
They say love is a beautiful thing, but is love supposed to hurt?
Love hurts so much and loving you I did not anticipate
An angel descended from heaven met by a demon became an apostate
Sorry…I have become an angel, but after my angel could no longer wait
You turned your back and walked away when our souls were about to mate
Eve would have never existed, if it were not for you God did not create
A part of Adam, yet eluded him-from paradise to emigrate
Blame you not, for deception is in your blood
So what to do?
My Guardian angel lift me up and show me the way.
Shall I forget, or shall I cherish your love and wait?
I am lost on an endless open road, walking, searching for something to irradiate-
strength and comfort to my soul, to remove my pain, and my sorrows will eliminate
Beg you not to misinterpret my words, for in these words I find strength and comfort
to dream that I let my guards down and fall for you.
To dream that our souls will soar together once again
So tell me "What To Do".

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