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Your Last Words
(Goodbye Little Em)
By Mila Clarke

Love thy neighbour
Love thy mother
Love thy father.
Love for family
Love for friends,
Love for a world
     I shall never see,
Love for those
     Who have never seen me.
Love of life
Love for beauty
Love for truth
Love of grace.
Love of dreamers
Love for creators
Love for innovators.
Love those you
     Only thought you liked.
Love youth
     For the new challenges,
Love age
     For the opportunity
     Of looking back
Love it
     Because not all
     Will have the chance…
Love spontaneity
Love steady plans.
Love variety
     And all the choice it brings.
Love all you can.
     And when I leave
     I would
     Long for
     To be the
     Last word on my lips.
     And love will be returned.
Love me
Love from E xxx

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