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Baby Shame

by Ray Frost

Baby, youíre driving me down,
Thereís a tunnel swallowing me,
The nightís my only light,
And windows show me
What it is to be free.
Baby, youíre my suffocation,
Breathing air from my lungs,
Singing the words I speak,
Shooting toothy grins
From my trusty golden guns.
Baby, youíre making me drown,
Pouring liquor down my throat,
Rattling pills in my gut,
Watch my eyes swirl
Drifting past as you float.
Baby, youíre my innocent drug,
Pretend that Iím not addicted,
The needles in my skin
Are the only signs you leave
That show how Iím afflicted.
Baby, youíre my constant reminder,
Becoming the one I might have been,
Loop blurry memories,
Repeating lost images
Of the things I might have seen.
Baby, youíre my beloved disease,
The residual pain I always need,
Canít get enough of you,
You get my heart pumping
But you have to make it bleed.
Baby, youíre my lazy motivation
Telling me to get my ass in gear,
Pinning me to the floor,
But pushing me to the door
You give me a strength I fear.
Baby, youíre the reason I wonder
And why I wonít get off the ground
Pulling open my eyes
To tangled thoughts
Proving just one thing,
To this blinding love Iím bound.

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