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Ellie's Song
by Mila Clarke

Ellie is broken,
She won't eat,
She won't sleep at all.
She looks in her mirror,
She sees only shadows and cold,
But I'm here
'Cause I've stayed
To hear some things
 You were probably never told.

Ellie is fading,
Her hand shakes,
She's tired and hurt.
So lonely she's dreaming,
Her eyes closed,
She barely has breathed
Since you left,
Since you flew,
You soared higher than
The freest dove could ever do.

Ellie has spoken,
Her lips shake,
My heart starts to quake.
She tells me
She must fly,
But she wishes you the
Best before
She has to say bye bye.

Ellie's at peace now
You've returned
All on your own.
You look in her mirror,
Spy reflections of me
In her home.
I was here
And I learnt
The beauty of Ellie
That you never
Thought enough to see.
We can cry
Bear in mind
That we'll never leave
Our beloved Ellie
On her own behind.

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