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By Patty Juliano

Look little sister, look and see,
We can be anything we want to be.
Lets pretend were rich and not poor,
He was then 7 I was 4

Come my brother lets venture and play,
The sun is shining its such a nice day.
We found our castles in the trees we climbed,
When I was 6, he was 9.

Hed take my hand and wed go on our way,
Giggling and laughing to school everyday.
We always made it, but after the bell,
When I was 9, and he was 12.

But the road of life changes suddenly,
And though he got bigger he had time for me.
He sometimes yelled, but was not too mean,
When I was 12, he was 15.

Then one day he was waving goodbye,
My big brother was leaving my side,
But I knew better, so I stood there proud,
We were both, 3 years older now.

Well hes home again never to leave,
And never to walk and never to see.
For all around him the grass is green,
He would have been 20, and I 17.

Pretending at 7, then climbing at 9,
going to school, rarely on time.
Growing up strong, then moving along,
That was our life, but for him it is gone.

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