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Mother Mine
by Bryan Roskams

Dedicated to Mother's where ever you may be!

How do you thank someone,
Who's given you the chance to live.
Who never once takes from you,
But takes every chance to give.

Who's always there to pick you up
Whenever you may fall.
Whenever your in danger,
They will always heed your call.

Who's always there to kiss you,
And tuck you up in bed.
Makes sure your washed and dressed,
And always properly fed.

Who's always there to comfort you
When you come home in tears,
Tells you it will be alright,
When you fall out with your peers.

Who's always there to guide you,
When things start going wrong.
When your first love says they will ring,
And you've been waiting all day long.

Who worries about you night and day,
No matter what your age.
Always ready to forgive you.
No matter how you rage.

Who gave up their precious sleep,
While you cried all night long,
And then had time to get you off,
Singing your favourite song.

Who will love you till she's gone.
For ever and a day.
Your dear old mum, but you knew that?
If you did'nt - there's no more to say!
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