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The Road Taken
Martin Stuart, 2011

You see, this road less travelled has a problem you should know;
That it doesn't always take you any place you'd want to go.

It starts with great excitement, adventure in the air,
Anticipated vistas, a future bright and fair.

Each unexpected moment makes you glow with inner light.
It just keeps getting better and everything is right.

But life is never simple, each turn's a different tack.
Just tread the path you've chosen, ain't never going back.

But then you wouldn't want to as you just enjoy the ride,
Taking in each wond'rous vista with gazing eyes shut wide.

At first you just don't notice that the road's no longer there.
And when you do, alone and lost, you could be anywhere.

You could be in a warzone where you're lucky not to die.
Or just dumped in a wasteland where all you do is cry.

No knowing 'til you get there, just where your road will lead,
Or what will happen on the way, each name, each place, each deed.

So when you're there and all is lost remember you are strong
And 'though it seems for ever, it isn't quite that long.

And when one grey dawn, grim and bleak, like every other day
Creeps through the damp enshrouding mist you'll spy another way.

Unpromising, with thorns and mud, at least it leads away.
So, unconvinced, you take a step and pause to hope and pray.

Then take a step, remembering just how it used to be:
The waves and sun, the gentle rain, the snow, your special tree.

And as you travel onward, your path begins to ease;
Less mud and thorns, less clammy mist, more shade beneath the trees.

You walk through dapped sunlight, a smile that warms your day
And, 'though it's not much travelled, you've found another way.

You don't know where it's leading but you haven't got a care.
The only thing that matters is it doesn't lead back there.

You top a ridge, see far and clear, a yellow wood below.
The road meanders through the hills, hints places you will go.

And so with great excitement, adventure in the air,
Stride forth to live each moment, the future's bright and fair.

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