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Six Way Separations
Nancy May

Many equinoctial days passed. Many languid nights matured. The dining room clock scoped four’s missing half an hour.
I sojourned my perambulations during searching. I infrequently visited the dining room. My Reliques memory stored the dining room’s last encounter. My inquisitive inveterate ejaculated. Amidst my entrance, the dining room table harboured cold vacuity.

Sithence six months my memory Reliques birthed, I prodigiously grew reassured.

The home I and my two influenced siblings resided: Rufus and Colin held an executive dolefulness. The south room Rufus and Colin rented mostly in conspicuous agreement; the dining room emptied the content of light. The elaborately decorated dining table organised my two ubiquitous sibling’s viand supplement. Rufus’s Polyclitus ascension prepared a third vermeil speciality supplements dual. My resting perambulations warmed the absent seat’s coldness. I found my two influential sibling’s vernaculars fastidious.

I collected the metal instruments obtaining my viand supplement. I rapaciously eat. The equal’s day’s end greeted my bestial pernicious hunger. I cleaned the cutlery fast.  My two ubiquitous sibling’s voices, paused smiled sardonic. Beguile residue lay on my lips. My two influential sibling’s sarcastic smiles wilted insouciant laughs.

I extended my two ubiquitous sibling’s genial welcome.

“Walk to the shop and purchase a milk carton”. Rufus’s patriarchal asked. Rufus’s vernacular denuded renunciation orders. Sithence our father’s death, Rufus flagrantly conciliated speciality supplements.

“Will you provide benevolent charges?”  I issued.

The dining room clock’s hourly chime resonated six. The dining room clock’s hourly sixth chime proclaimed the street’s radical transformation. The elaborately decorated dining room table destroyed a penury circuit into a glorified athletic track.

I descended the ecclesiclastical step I ascended the hour previous. The slow night provided umbrellas. I freed my clothes artillery creases from the equinoctial day’s shield.  ‘A carton of milk’: fardel easy challenges. If I neglected my inquisitive habits I scalded obscurant ameliorates. I greeted the languid night in tinct malodorous shimmers, accepting double gaiety payment.

The ‘Essentials’ shop evinced, plenteous disregard in licensed opening hours.

Obstreperous children and guardians yelled largely. Guardian’s provided uncontrolled children virulent excuses in taming obstreperous behaviour. The guardian’s slackened and, uncontrolled children tamed.I attracted deep exculpate inside the guardian’s obvious reservations. I rustled gifted foundations. The symmetrical curtains caught harsh distaff sagacity occupying infamous rebellious vows. My mother’s age stopped inside proposal vows.

I commit my perambulations down the slow night’s street in grown strides. I strode perambulations easily.  Palpable lamps omitted clever bleakness. Palpable lamps increased illumination sources. Palpable lamps flagrantly denuded imposters.

I surrendered my charged perambulations reaching the corner. The opposite direction I took returning home. Laborious sinews travelled the last endeavoured scouting pursuit. My Reliques memory opulence recapitulation gained wealth.

Ejaculating the languid night I ruffled suspension dryness. I descended the ecclesiclastical step on drying my shoes like a falling porphyry slide. My hand triggered shuttlecock umbrella missiles. I rebellowed the refulgent precipitous rain.

I unfolded no hoops. I turned left reading the sign: ‘Essentials 1/2ps’. The ‘Essentials’ sign adjoined: ‘Laborious Sinews 1 1/2ps’. The erected sign resided in absent cement. All directional signs resided walking distance.

“Mind the step!” The voice stagnant rounded a suavely demeanour.

Youthful countenances conglomerate solemnised. Youthful countenances protected schools’. Youthful countenance’s last shot three specious catapults.

The voice stale rounded a courteous demeanour; belonged to a desperately overweight boy. He inveigled an injured water cooler promoting cudgel cup defects. The prodigiously overweight boy carried a heavy burdensome backpack.

“I am sorry. Do you not prefer the environment safely inside? Do you not prefer your friends cluster?”  My vernacular inspected his analysis.

I accidently stumbled inside the desperately overweight boy’s perambulations straining purlieus exhaustion. The prodigiously overweight boy’s stout perambulations solemnised my kindness. The desperately overweight boy resonated, malodorous onion remnants. The prodigious overweight boy’s mouth danced a surlily broken voice as I applauded dulcets needing no approval. The desperately overweight boy’s demeanour revealed young aspirants. The prodigiously overweight boy moved unctuously like a snail rooted in salt’s superfluous circumference.

“I am on my way. They told me I had to wait!” The desperately overweight boy’s voice shifted salubriously.

“It’s not safe at night. On your way and, catch up with your friends”. My voice cascaded an umbrageous sardonic.

I bestirred avoidance like a harmful whip attending the prodigiously overweight boy’s age. The nearest school’s conjunction location: Cross-Vail. The school’s infamously distinctive uniform nominated: dark blue glaring in the slow night.

Cross Vail’s repetition photographs organised the camera’s sporadic flashes. My dazzled red irises balanced my tinct smile. I waited suavely glorification curves round the queuing stamina.

The desperately overweight boy fell only once landing softly on verdant topiary. The prodigious overweight boy evaporated inside the languid night.

The corner meandered like a rancour rope’s tug of war. The street stranded starlight manikins. The street provided silhouette branches. I searched the endeavouring terrain clutching resembling shapes. The street’s houses lured the guardian’s greedy cold space. The street’s houses bathed shaded subaqueous fear. The street’s houses occupied small verdant squares locking malodorous passages in mournfulness. The small green squares emphasised the ruling authority arrogance. The street’s houses rented sepulchre sympathy. Deprecating light illustriously sizzled, the night’s slowness hourly requirement. Tangible lamps burned sonorous crackles. Tangible lamps roared beast sarcastic flames.

It took less than a minute reaching the end’s street. I dragged my perambulations like a forecasted car inside tumultuous sanguinary marks.

The temporary erected signpost chiselled as a scaffold’s mid-rift. The temporary signpost sojourned upon a rustic anchor upending baron concrete.

“Essentials 1ps” read left, “Laborious sinews 2ps” read right. I departed expectantly the street’s anointing safety routine.
My stroll chaffed my cheeks porcelain dolls. My fingers burned water attacking icicles. I cocooned invisible spiral cylinders diminishing embracing vibrancy.

I greeted the street’s end in joy. I welcomed perambulations warmth. I spoke desperate taciturn volumes incepting the slow night.

I reached the final destination.

I encountered a most un-expectant figure during the hazing languid night. The un-expectant figure eroded the night’s slowness bruising my physical knuckles. The un-expected figure eroded the languid night’s disguise loosening sepulchre’s darkness key. The un-expected figure’s persona folded translucent sinews, stretching clarity colours.

“Watch you don’t mistake the route”. The un-expected man’s muffled voice repelled a bungee drop’s abjuration.

“The route is easily negotiated reading signs”. My vernacular determined.

The un-expectant figure unable long, to obey the stagnant shading shadow.

The ‘Essential’s’ shop invited horticulturist planning, indebting eternally to the architect’s blueprint. The ‘Essential’s’ shop fractured the entrance connecting jigsaw bricks, denuding the above ‘Welcome’ sign.

I pushed the ricocheting panelled door open. Inside the ‘Essential’s shop indefatigable stock accumulated opulence shelves.

“You are out late Gregory, a carton of milk?” The shopkeeper rolled.

“Yes, out of the expiry date”.

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