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Orion's Belt 
by Tristram Tuna, Februrary 1998

In a bright, starry sky I seek Orion's Belt;
Those three little bears always make my heart melt
As they carry me back to a clear, summer night
When we talked and we talked and it all seemed so right.
When we sat side-by-side in the cool, quiet air
And we sifted the stars as we hunted for bear.
When we shared from a glass and we sipped, each in turn.
When I hung on your words, your life story to learn.
When we spoke of our pain and we spoke of our fears
With intimate voices so no one else hears.
When we trusted enough to deep secrets reveal.
When our friendship was forged. When our happiness real.

Now, though time has passed and we've gone our own ways,
I'll find you in the stars to the end of my days.

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