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by Tristram Tuna, November 1997

A new sun greets my eye
In a bright crimson sky,
A beautiful start to a day.
She brings warmth and light
To sweep back the night
And chase all my shadows away.

My heart starts to sing
As my newly found wing,
With a leap, lets me take to the air.
I swoop and I soar
As this sun warms me more,
I'm free and I haven't a care.

There's joy to be found
So far from the ground.
The air's thin but I want to get nearer.
It's hot and it's bright
But it must be all right
I can feel my desire all the clearer.

We finally touch
But the heat is too much.
I'm burning. My wings are on fire.
I fall through the air
With a dreadful despair
But the sun carries on, rising higher.

I crash in a ditch,
It seems black as pitch.
The sun has moved on - I'm in shade.
I still lay in pain
As the day starts to wane
And the setting sun's final rays fade.

I'll never forget
That day when we met,
I still search for warmth in the mornings.
But some lessons I learned
When I flew and got burned,
Now I look out for omens and warnings.

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