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The  Poems 

Welcome to The Gloob Poetry section. We hope that you will enjoy what you find here, however whilst we wish this site to be as family friendly as possible, we are aware that attitudes to poetry content vary and what is considered suitable by some will be offensive to others. Parents are therefore advised to check the content of this or any other site they use, before permitting their children to access it.

The list of poets and the work they feature on this site is shown on the left. Just scroll down and click on whatever strikes your fancy.

Why not send us some of your poetry? You never know, it might just appear on this site in a day or two. Remember to include the title of the poem and of the author, use a pen name if you wish. The Poetry section is always popular with our visitors, so your poems will have a wide audience. Just return to The Gloob home page to see how to submit your work.

Tristram Tuna / Sir Mutant Rat / Elizabeth Grant / Patricia Ann Hollander / Beryl Hopps / Mary McGuire / Laura Kruyer / Angela Lucas / G Wesley Dixon / J Henry Foster / Olgun Sadik / Charles Ginger / James Hopes / Alice C Bateman / Philip Samsa / Claire Findlay / Sue Ling / Fadi Ayoub / Martin Stuart / Jack Windsor / Lauren Kilby / Lynda Fordham / Denise Hayward / Mila Clarke / Samantha Cantero / Artie Knapp / Ray Frost / 'Lost' / Patty Juliano / gk thomas / Wendy Tilby / Bryan Roskams

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