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The Sounding Board 

Do you have a have a subject you want to sound off about, or maybe there is just something that you would like to share with the rest of the us?  

Is nobody listening to you?

Then you have come to the right section. The Sounding Board gives you a soap box on which to stand and shout your message to the world.

Maybe you feel that praise for some organisation or group is long overdue, or perhaps you want to have a moan about the lack of help and advice there is on offer regarding your hobbyhorse. Maybe you just wish to make an observation about something that has inspired you, whatever it may be we will be pleased to hear from you.

If so then send us an E-mail with the text you would like to see in this section. Send text only. Do not send attachments or pictures; just Click Here and type in the text.  Remember to include the name that you want your article to appear under. The terms and conditions for submissions are shown on The Gloob home page.

Please note that the Gloob Master's decision as to what appears on the Sounding Board is final.  We will select those items that we feel to be the most suitable for the theme of The Gloob site and to provide the best platform for our contributors' work. For the same reason, we will restrict the number of articles being shown at any one time.

Views and opinions contained in items on the Sounding Board are those of the individual contributor and not necessarily shared by the Gloob Master.

Our latest item here on the Sounding Board is Women are from Venus - Men are from Pluto, which was written by Jim Spence.

Richard Attfield / Rose Moss / Derek Henkel / Angela Lucas / Judy Stout / Jim Spence

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