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Dear Old Friend

J.Henry Foster

You can get attached to all sorts of things,

My word ,Iíll give you that!

Simple things-like slippers or shoes

Or even a battered old hat.

A cat, or a dog, or a well worn book,

A fishing rod, or a chair.

A pair of gloves, a treasured gift;

Or just a lock of hair.

It could be a jewel in a priceless clasp.

Or a simple band of gold.

A well worn purse, a picture or vase.

Or a letter from days of old.

But the nicest treasure,

That you can list.

You will find in the very end.

Itís a gift and a love,

you will always see.

In the face of a Dear Old Friend.

We shall be delighted if you visit our sister site at Wickford and District Talking Newspaper for the the Blind and see what those dedicated charity workers are doing.

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