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How I Came to be a Rescued Dog

J Henry Foster

O’what a beautiful puppy

You do look so charming and sweet.

Just look at those gorgeous almond eyes,

And O’such dainty feet.

My goodness you do look a champion

And I bet some day you will

Be ‘Top of the Dog’s’ in any ring

I think I’ll buy you –for real.

Your name just isn't Bessie or Jessie.

Far too common like that.

You will have to be just for me.

Dam Wisdom of Wessex – by Zat!

I’ll have to fuss you and groom you

Make you stand –like marble

Upon a plinth.

And when I say Stay!

You won't dare to stray.

For the judge will drop points

And we’ll sink!

O’dear you are getting a problem.

Thing’s aren't really going your way.

Your head isn't growing too nicely.

And your coats losing texture today.

You really must try not to fidget.

When the nice man is trying to judge.

Just stand up-proud and majestic,

And ….FREEZE !!!…..Damn you!

Don’t you dare budge.

O'dear you never will make it.

And to think of the money you cost.

All that food and attention.

I really can't stand all that loss.

So its off to the Rescue you're going..

They'll find you a home you will see.

Then once more I'll start the ball rolling

To climb the ‘Best in breed tree’.

We shall be delighted if you visit our sister site at Wickford and District Talking Newspaper for the the Blind and see what those dedicated charity workers are doing.

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