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  By James Hopes

Tomorrow is another day,
How it seems a world away,
So much better than today,
In every sense, in every way.

For now I dream and sit and wait,
Close my eyes and contemplate,
Leave for now the things I know,
Cannot be done tomorrow.

Friday seemed to last a week,
Saturday morning, life seemed bleak,
Now Sunday's here - the usual bore,
What has life to offer more ?
Except tomorrow, come what may,
It can't be worse than it's been today.
So many things to see and do,
Though what's the point now I don't have you ?

Although there will be sights to see,
What's the use of being me ?
When you never again shall pass my way,
Tomorrow's just another day.

The vermin have undone your heart,
And so we must now be apart,
So now today I stand alone,
Alone, and waiting by the ‘phone,
To hear your voice, to ease my pain,
But you shall never call again,
For Nature's love's torn you away,
Now I can't live another day,
This earthly pain can never cease,
And so I too must rest in peace.

And now I'll never see tomorrow,
Another day of woe and sorrow,
But does it matter anyway ?
Tomorrow's just another day.

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