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The Seeds of Love
Alice C. Bateman

I remember every minute
Iíve ever spent with you
And I must say, I enjoyed them all
Did you enjoy them too

I remember conversations
Lasting long into the night
And I must say, I enjoyed them all
Have never seen us fight

What if we took the risk that
Scares both of us to death
If we spent some time together
Put this to the test

You could have your own life
I need to have mine too
But if we were together
It might be easier to do

Iíve loved you for a long time
Itís very strong and deep
Love strong enough to let you have
What it is you think you need

You are the reason Iím alone
The rest donít measure up
If one day you reach for my hand
You will overflow my cup

But I am strong and patient
Content to be alone
I hope Iíve sown the seeds of love
And you'll see how they've grown

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