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Once again I say Monday is Lame
Fadi Ayoub

Never doubted your agony and pain
Courage often is as strong as a grain
Comes and goes with every blowing storm
Not to have strength is so shame

Come on for real and be genuine
and don't live your life as a Friday's fan
While you live as a prisoner for a Tyrant called work
I would rather be a homeless than not having fun

Surprise its Tuesday

When you thought Monday has gone
Here comes Tuesday and boredom has begun
No need to repeat what has been said
Every day just feels like S**t

Here you are sitting in a cube
doing nothing and you're pooped
reading 1000 emails per minute
nothing left for you to remit

Just tell me one thing for goodness sake
what the hick do we have at stake
Why not take the five days off
No need for a house, we can live off of a duff

Come on, be strong and admit it
Work sucks and you know it
Never wait for Friday to come
Just join me and become a Bum

There is nothing better than having fun
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays will never be gone
Mind as well you give up on Friday
Come on Join me and everyday is Fun.


Finally your Friday has arrived
And luckily I was able to survive
Now that I see what you mean
Friday does make you feel so keen

Work is still so slow
Half a day must we blow?
Can't wait 'til noon
Its Saturday…so soon!

If you had listened to me from the start
Such a day would've always been in sight
Monday through Friday is all the same
I will reiterate "they all are lame!"

To finish up this stupid gag
Close your eyes and don't nag
Pray it will never see the light
Or else,
I'd be broke, and my pocket would be tight!

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