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Heal Through Autumn

By Mila Clarke

A gentle rain is weeping on my sore skin
As if to veil my own despair.
My tears find questions
In the eyes of those who see them fall,
They peer quizzically but
I'm alone because none of them
Stop long enough to care.
Brazen rainbows wrap the clearing sky
Making gifts for the vapid poets
Or the ones who know only
The light in fairytales.
The final drops of the weakening rain
Hit like diamond darts of pain
Plucking the last wretched chords
On love bruised heartstrings.
The news rays of autumn turn the pages
On my recent weary chapter;
Like the leaves on the breeze
They're plucked from the spine
Torn up and scattered
And crushed under foot by the laughter
Of children, the sonorous steps of the old
The wisdom in friendship
And ground by the hands that are pulling me back
From the shadows so harmful and cold.
I laugh aloud to remind myself
Of the smile you used own,
And lounge in the bronzing rivers
Of the aging summer sun
To reminisce about the warmth I found
When my shelter was your arms,
Drag the bittersweet breeze into my lungs
To replace your life I used to breath.
Maybe storms clouds are
Harbouring on my horizons
But for now they are out of sight
My mind is shut to them,
With eyelids wrenched open, starlight is all I see
I don't need to watch my blood to know I bleed.
Toes inching forward
Thwarted by footsteps that fall heavy,
If I start running it'll be away from you
And further into me
So I keep edging out of my shell
Give my heart's wounds one chance to heal
Before I return to crusade for the grace of me.

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