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4th Planet Fortress
By Mila Clarke

I've found a home
In your arms but
Years have locked the door.
Hand jammed through
The letter box,
Hold on to me
So I don't
Blow away in the breeze.
Clutching tight on
Fingertips gripping
On our memories
Of what it is to feel;
Yours lie lost behind you,
Too far to reach,
Snapped cords,
Broken verses,
Draw them back
Into recall.
Mine await me
Buried in tunnels
Forever unexplored,
Fearful of reaching
Forward into
My future life.
I've been laden
With worldly thoughts,
Worldwide conceptions
Unknown to me,
They've aged me with
No wisdom and
Kept me young
Without youth.
Your eyes locked on
Mine through the keyhole,
I read your every word
Your mouth yearns to
Whisper to me.
Your love pulls me
Close your heart
But your arm still
Holds the door shut.
The stone walls you
Built as your defence
Shade your windows,
You don't recall the light,
Never watch the birds
Flying free,
Haven't seen the
First smile playing
On the lips of the
Youngest child,
Never since the
Scars were new.
Here I am to be
A guardian for
My Angel, but
I can't fly through
Walls of weathered rock,
Nothing gets through.
You can only
Hear the words I
Don't have the strength to say.
Break from your foundations,
This is not
Your home anymore,
It's a prison
With a locked heavy door.
Teach me the pain
Of the last
Dying smile goodbye
So I understand
Why you hold
My happiness so dear.
Help me live
So I can love
And I'll let you
Love to live,
In our castle,
By the beach
With the walls,
On wheels, made of
Open doors,
Love to live for
The love of me.

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