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The Renewal of Spring
By Alice C. Bateman

The tiny tender shoots of green
Reminding us that this is spring
The cold dark winter left behind
The summer sun now on our mind

The feeling that all will be well
We leave behind our winter shell
To go explore a warmer world
To watch the buds as they unfurl

To smell the earth, damp from its rest
To feel inside we've passed a test
We've made it through another year
To watch new life as it appears

We take long walks, inhaling deep
The rich new smells from after sleep
The earth awakening again
Shaking off the winter's pain

Drinking in the fragile sun
Showing us that we have won
Another round of cold and frost
We've paid the price of winter's cost

We are renewed, as is the earth
We are enhanced to see the birth
Of all the green and growing shoots
With fragile stems and fragile roots

If they can make it through the cold
We know that we can then be bold
Enough to feel our own release
And give our souls much-needed peace  

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