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You Think You Got It Bad?
By Samantha Cantero

Have you ever
been hit?
Maybe a lil
hit in your tush?
A lil slap
here and there?
Or how bout a
nice cold shower?
But nothing is as worse to
Being choked
Being forgotten
Being beaten up
Being thrown against walls
Pushed to the extreme of
Eating dog food
Almost getting raped
Some days
you just wanna
runaway love
You think it might
be so easy
to runaway
its not
And on top of it
To be judged
by other people
Who don't know
the story behind you
The story behind that smile
That hides
every single thing
about you
Being able to
show yourself
to the world
With that
big smile
on your face
like if
nothing is wrong
is someone strong
Someone brave
to live like this
Every single
waking moment
of their lives
sometimes all
you need is
a friend
sometimes all
you need is
a lil chat
sometimes all
you need is
so what
if you broke up
with your
boy friend
so what
if your
mom won't
get you
what you want
so what
if your
mom won't
let you
do things
of your
don't complain
about it
there are
other people
in this world
who got it bad
way bad
soo bad
you wouldnt even imagine
and all
their problems come
from the people
who are known as

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