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by Ray Frost

When a little piece of you is dying,
When you ache from bleeding through the night,
When you cry yourself to sleep,
The nightmares breathe in daylight,
The sun freezes to a stone,
And friendly voices choke your name,
When eyes only see to judge,
When your cheeks are seared with salt,
When you're too lost to look,
The footsteps you sought come to halt,
The arms that held you, wind to rope,
And paths you followed end in barbs,
When smiling cheeks sallow to the skull,
When your eyes find laughter no more,
When numb is the only way to deal with sense,
The only peace is stalemate in war,
The certain knowledge unfurls as myth,
And ground, on which you lay, withers to rock,
When will lies broken and abused,
When nothing can take your pain,
When promises are just whistles of the wind,
The cherished hopes begin to wane,
The oceans soak away to mud,
And stars are left to flounder in the fog,
When love is just a heart-shaped word,
When your life is never more than lowly,
When dawn holds back the day,
The song we sing is lonely,
The fate we meet is grey,
And love, that I once had, has fallen to a grave.

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