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Shay's Imagination
Part Four

Birthday Presents
By Erwin Schalm

One sunny day Lizzie and Randy were visiting Bevy, Billy and Baby Annie. They were all sitting under a willow tree, babysitting Baby Annie and talking. Bevy said "I am so happy Shay found Baby Annie for us the other day. All of us were really worried."

"Yes," said Billy. "Shay has helped us out a lot. When our lodge was damaged, Shay's imagination talked to the moon and to the wind. And when a big tree fell over the hole where we were hiding, she dug us out. Now when Baby Annie was lost, she found her for us."

"I think we should do something special for Shay," continued Bevy. "How about if we all give her Imagination Birthday presents?" All thought that was a good idea and Lizzie went over to Shay's place to invite her over.

Billy began by saying "my imagination present for Shay is a big water slide, so high it reaches to the clouds. Shay is inviting all her school friends and beaver friends to join her for the fun ride. A little white cloud is coming down to pick them all up and take them to the top of the slide in the clouds. All the people are amazed to see a water slide that reaches all the way up to the clouds."

Bevy told them her imagination present for Shay was a gigantic swing that starts from way up high and swings from one side of the sky to the other side. All of the birds flying in the air have to get out of her way quickly because she is going really fast. And when she gets to the very top on each side, she reaches out and touches a star. She can't take her beaver friends on the swing with her because it is too scary for them. But she does take them on a very low swing just above the ground.

Randy told everybody his imagination present for Shay was a big cloud house. A cloud house is like a tree house, only instead of being on a tree, it is on a cloud. A little white cloud was the elevator that brought all her friends up to visit her in the cloud house. Her friends brought along snacks to eat and even stayed for a sleep-over. All the people looked up and couldn't believe they were seeing a cloud house.

Lizzie told them her imagination present for Shay was a big birthday party at Beaver Flower Gardens. All her friends are invited and they all bring her lots of birthday presents. When they are finished eating the birthday cake, they all play fun games in the garden. When the birthday party is over, they all fly home on a magic carpet.

Baby Annie said "I don't know a story but my 'magination present for Shay is lots of hugs and kisses."

Shay was very impressed by all the Imagination Birthday presents. "These are the best imagination presents I ever had," said Shay. "Thank you very, very much." That day Shay went home and in her sleep she dreamed of all the fun things she did in the beaver's imaginations.

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