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By Bryan Roskams.
Come into the garden and find a quite spot
The grass is long and the weeds grow a lot.
Brambles and climbers scale up the wall,
Plenty of nettles but no roses at all.

Lay down on the grass and look up at the sky,
Watch all the clouds as they tumble past by.
Then rest your fingers and relax your eyes,
No one can see you, or hear your sighs.

You will see no trellis or cultivation here,
Nature takes its measured steps year after year.
When the birds all arrive they are joyous in song,
Then rabbits and squirrels make up the throng.

They all enjoy freedom in this wondrous place,
Itís so peaceful and wild they have made it their base.
The bees take the nectar from a variety of flowers,
While the cats bask in the sun through the daylight hours.

Thereís no political correctness or laws to abide,
You just come here to rest, relax, and to hide.
While you are in this place reflect upon life,
And try not to dwell on the killing and strife.

The top of the heap is supposed to be man,
Compare him with nature and he turns out a sham.
Food, warmth, and love, we all need the same,
The rich are applauded, while the poor get the blame.

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