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A Scary Sunday


Rose Moss

It started like most other Sundays. I planned to go to chapel in the afternoon, stay for tea and then attend the evening service. As usual, I was in a hurry to get ready, I grabbed my Sunday dress out of the wardrobe, went to the bathroom to get dressed and then returned to my bedroom to comb my hair. Noticing the wardrobe door was ajar. I closed it and turned the key.

I arrived home from chapel six hours later, after two interesting services and a good tea only to be met at the door, by the elderly relative, who lives with me, telling me that my calico cat, Josephine was no where to be found.

I wasn't all that worried at first, as it was a fine summer evening. My cats enjoy the garden and are free to come and go as they please, so I assumed Josephine was asleep outside somewhere, She dislikes my other cats, So I thought she'd found a quiet spot away from them. I called her, but there was no answer.

Two hours passed and it started to get dark. The other cats demanded to be fed, but there was still no sign of Josephine. I went into the garden and called her name, but no Josephine. By now, I was starting to worry. My relative was convinced she'd run away, but I doubted she would, being a timid cat, who dislikes strangers. I went out into the street and walked along the main road, dreading I'd find her body in the gutter. To my relief all I found were a few discarded crisp wrappers.

Midnight came and went, with no sign of Josephine and I reluctantly decided to prepare for bed. My brain was buzzing with plans to contact the Cats Protection League and the local Vets in the morning, as well as calling at all the houses in the street and the next one, which my garden backs on to.

I went into my bedroom and found myself staring at the chimney, which was blocked by a tray; which my mother had placed there, as when Josephine was a kitten, she kept trying to climb up the chimney. I looked there, but there was no sign of a cat. Then suddenly, I remembered the wardrobe. I opened it, wondering if Josephine would fly out, but all I could see were clothes. I reached behind the clutter of coat hangers and dresses and felt warm fur, which started to move! A moment later, Josephine strolled out of the wardrobe without a care in the world and went downstairs to eat a belated supper!

I always thought my wardrobe was too full to hold another blouse, never mind a cat , but Josephine had other ideas ! I learned my lesson that Sunday and always fasten the wardrobe at once.

As for Josephine, she now spends most of her time asleep in the bath!

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