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Mary McGuire

I really, really, love my car

It's yellow like a budgerigar

Its squeaking, when I drive it round

Has a budgerigarish sound

And.... Like a budgie, I do wish

It ran on seeds and cuttle fish

Because, if you'll excuse the pun

It would be very cheap to run

I wonder if they ever will

Invent a car that runs on Trill?

Maybe in future?  Who can tell?

If so, d'you think there'd be a bell

Your car could ding to let you know

Its fuel supply was running low?

Perhaps in that far distant time

They won't be making cars like mine

Perhaps in that far distant age

They'll run on Hamster in a cage.

Our furry friend inside his wheel

Will trot whilst gears of burnished steel

Transform the little creature's power

To speeds of many miles per hour....

Is that the kind of world we face

Where hamster cars proceed apace

And run on salad, nightly?

Perhaps but it's unlikely.....

Mary McGuire

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