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The Classics

This section of The Gloob is devoted to books that can be truly called Classics. They are stories written by internationally famous authors that have stood the test of time. Like all the contributions on this site they are entirely free for you to access and read.

The first book in this section with 'Our Mutual Friend' by Charles Dickens. Just click on the link on the left. Mainly because of 'A Christmas Carol', Dickens is forever associated with Christmas but, in fact, he wrote several other Christmas books including 'The Cricket on the Hearth' and a great many shorter Christmas stories. We have included in this section several of those stories, which we hope you will enjoy reading.

If there are other books by Dickens that you would like to see here, just let us know and we will endeavor to add them to the section. Do you have a favourite classical author? Just tell us and we will see if it is possible to add them to the site.

Also in this section you will find the strange and beautiful poetry of Omar Khayyam.

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