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Little Red Riding Hood
Claire Findlay

Little Red Riding Hood drove a car
Up to see her poor ill grand mamma

Suddenly behind a big oak tree
A large grey wolf laughed he he he

Little Red Riding Hood began to sing
When the big grey wolf came out with a ping

The big grey wolf thought this was his lunch
Until little Red Riding Hood gave him a punch

Little Red Riding Hood got back in her car
While the wolf raced on to her grand mamma

The big grey wolf knocked on the door
And gobbled up grandma so she was no more

Little Red Riding Hood couldn't believe her eyes
When she saw the wolf dressed up in disguise

Little Red Riding Hood fetched a big nutter
Otherwise known as Jack the Wood Cutter

He opened the wolf up in one easy slice
And grand mamma came out and said "oh how nice"

This is where I leave you to ponder
What ever happened to the wolf, I wonder?

Claire Findlay (aged 11 at the time of writing)

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