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Children's Stories 
Welcome to the children's story section.                                            
We have loads of great stories for you from a range of different authors. To enter our world of enchantment why not start with our most prolific author, Artie Knapp who has written many wonderful stories for children. You will also find some of his poetry for children in the Poems section. We are privileged to have so much of his excellent work on The Gloob. Why not start with his tale entitled Sprinting Spencer

 Click on the picture of Sprinting Spencer       

By the way the superb illustrations for Artie's stories were done by Kevin Scott Collier and if you would like to see more of Kevin's work go to

In addition to Artie Knapp, we have tales by Jan Luthman, Catherine Holden, Margaret Tolan, Angela Lucas, L. K. Lewis Helen Rawlinson, Peter Eaton, Joe DeMonte, John Swan, Erwin Schalm, Patty Juliano and Jack Wittels Just click on the links on the left to go to their stories.

Want more children's tales? So do we, so why not send us your story?  Then if we like it, your story will appear on this site in a day or two.  Return to The Gloob home page to see how to submit your work of art.

In the Spring of 2008 two of The Gloob's most successful authors - Artie Knapp, children's story author from the USA and British short story writer, Jack Windsor met for the first time over lunch at Madison, Indiana. We are delighted to say that both of them have loads of work on this site - why not check it out?

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